Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Undergrad Rag's Regular Topics

Outside of the new articles you see below and above, Undergrad Rag will have some regular features that will be in every issue. Over the next few days we will publish actual examples of these segments:

“Why the F#@k did we read this in High School?”
- This section examines a book that was in the high school curriculum at some point, and satirically explores the reason for us reading it. Highlights complaints on the author, teachers, time period it was written. If the book actually had some merit we’ll explore that as well.

“The Tenured Professor”
- Tenured Professors are known for their complete lack of shame, the publication of their 20 books, and their insane anecdotes involving foreign lands and obscure celebrities of the academic world. In this section, the tenured Professor (always fake name accompanied by an amusing fake bio), shares his/her take on a current pop culture or national news event; usually equating it with some odd tale involving Carol Burnett and the Congo.

- Sub-segment: “The Adjunct vs The Tenured Professor” –Your typical adjunct Professor combines the knowledge of your average professor with a crushing sense of inadequacy. In this section they debate a topic and while the adjunct puts forth the more considered and reasonable response, he is crushed under the sheer clout and arrogance of the Tenured professor.

“Role Model of the Day”
- In this section we examine someone who is the antithesis of a good role model. Either someone who ruined an ideal situation or someone who fell ass-backwards into celebrity.

“The Pretentious Critic”
- This segment features reviews of music, art, books and film. The whole segment is meant to lampoon the classic 3rd year art/film/English major who insists on using industry colloquialisms and looks down their nose on everything. The reviews will be real and informative, but written in the “pretentious” voice.

“Dining Hall-eluiah”
- This is an online version of a college cookbook. The segment will include low budget recipes, new mixed drinks, beer reviews, and any other odd edible concoctions.

“The Engineer’s Lounge”
- This section is geared toward the more industrious and MacGyver-like among the college scene that features 1) ways to make make-shift furniture from everyday household objects 2) Designs for impractical devices meant to help the average college student (ie the blunt-pulley system)

“Career Obituaries”
- This is a section where we pay tribute to someone who has recently killed their career, or let it die a painful death. A recent example would be Mark Sanford.

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